Finding the perfect boat hire in Sardinia

Sardinia is a Mediterranean, Italian island, and it is one of the best locations to spend a couple of days on board a ship. The beaches are numerous and enchanting, with very clean and clear waters. You can also find a broad range of maritime scenery: tiny coves lined with rocks and cliffs with large white sand beaches, bays as quiet as swimming pools and other beaches where wind, currents and waves are perfect for practicing certain water sports. Boat rental in Sardinia will allow you to explore a distinctive Mediterranean landscape, endowed with a very wild nature as well as the navigators ' finest equipment.

What to do in Sardinia

There is no doubt that the finest activities on this island are linked to the ocean. There are many marinas along the shoreline where you can sail in Sardinia with your rental ship. Additionally, some beaches are only available by ship, thus, boat hire sardinia and access from the continent to many others is highly complex. Porto Cervo (and the entire Costa Esmeralda) is one of the most famous resting spots for celebrities in the summer, and this is undoubtedly the best starting point for sailing and enjoying the lovely yachts that anchor there. Isola dei Gabianni is one of the best places to practice surfing or windsurfing. The Maddalena is a lovely natural area to the north.

Beaches of Sardinia

Sardinia's beaches are distinct from east and west, but they all have very clean waters and are ideal for relaxation. You can anchor in front of most of them, which is perfect if you have chosen ship rentals in Sardinia. The east and north beaches are generally tiny, with a wild look. Many of them are situated between cliffs or surrounded by vegetation. Those of the Costa Smeralda stand out by the water's initial color. The beaches are much bigger in the south and the dunes predominate. Below we present some of Sardinia's beaches for you to visit if you sail around this island.

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