Rent the type of boat of your choice on your upcoming vacation

You work hard for the life of your dreams: you deserve a holiday that matches your efforts. This summer, enjoy a cruise to discover the most beautiful destinations in the world. With family or friends, a boat trip is ideal to fill up with pleasure and recharge your batteries. So rent a boat with Samboat and enjoy your trip at sea.

Sports holidays

If you are looking to rent a boat for a sporting holiday, the boat you need is a monohull sailboat. We all know, sailing is a sport in its own right! If you are a beginner, a skipper will be perfect for you! This one can introduce you to this sport and teach you all the basics of sailing. The sailboat will make you feel new sensations very pleasant and full of adrenaline

Sports and comfort holidays

For this type of holiday, the boat you need is a catamaran.

The catamaran remains a sailboat, you can adjust the sails just as well, or else block the boat keeping the right course or the good pace! If you are a fan of speed, the catamaran will give you great sensations!

Lazing in the sun

If your goal for your vacation is to sunbathe and party with friends on the water enjoying beautiful scenery, we advise you to rent a motor boat. For a family weekend, which is out of the ordinary, the motorboat will allow you to discover new horizons safely.

A day of sport or relaxation

If you are on a holiday by the sea, you can also rent a small boat for the day! For this, we advise you to rent a small motorboat like a semi-rigid or a hard shell!

So, for your holidays, choose the boat that suits you according to your type of need. You will not regret these moments of adventure with your family!