The best boat hire available online

In the middle of the summer, there is nothing better than yachting to enjoy the pleasant sea weather. It's all you need to live the dream, a maritime adventure that combines pleasure and comfort. Like private yachts, many kinds of yachts are available for rent.

Yachts of medium scale

These medium-sized yachts come in numerous models and designs. Models with a maximum of four cabins and some have no models. They can accommodate only 6 to 12 persons. They are ideal for a family , friends and more day out. Those who book one of them will benefit exclusively from a bottle of rosé wine or champagne, the service of soft drinks and individual towels, and the services of a skipper. You will enjoy the ease and relaxation to the maximum while enjoying all the advantages of boating.

Large yachts

Also big yacht boats can accommodate many more people like smaller yachts. Most of these vessels have a captain and ship's leaders on board. The latter are professionals who guarantee the safety of passengers exclusively during their journeys. In addition, these yachts can accommodate up to 12 passengers throughout the day and up to 10 people at night, equipped with at least five cabins. The boat is equipped with SAT-TV, Wi-Fi, swimming platform, air conditioning, etc. to ensure the comfort and total satisfaction of the passengers. They are, therefore, providing all the passengers with similar activities and nautical equipment, both inside and outside, as those on a private boat hire.

All super yachts

These yachts are over 60 meters long with a length of up to 90 meters. They are the benchmarks for a broad use or even for longer holidays aboard. In fact, more than 30 passengers can be hired by the boats by day or by night. It has more than 20 cozy cabins, including one person, 20 double and 19 convertible cabins. These boats have a king size bed, nine queen size beds and ten double or convertible beds, in particular.

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